[Still] Looking to buy this C&P…

Since I am new to all this forgive my lack of knowledge…

OK…I am still on the fence about this C&P. I have taken a second longer look at it and I see no welds and it seems to be in good shape. I was unable to find any numbers other than RC411.

I’m just trying to date it and find specs on this exact model. Also the GE motor looks like it was made back before the wheel.

Any info on this would be appreciated. Thank you!

image: IMG_2768.jpg


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Maybe hockey pucks would do the trick. I have used them for that before.

The press is a nice one—a handfed Craftsman. You could place it onto a dense rubber mat intended to be used in horse stalls. However, I would either place it directly on the concrete or place it on solid skids.

You want the press to be sitting on an even surface as to not cause wear on the journals, gears, bearings, etc. The skids are nice because it allows you to move the press with only a pallet jack. The Craftsman models are very heavy—even compared to the rest of the C&P line.

You’ll want to check the press for any wear. Close the platen and give it a yank to be sure there is no movement. Ask how the press was used. Some presses used for diecutting are a bit worse for wear. The press, however, seems to have an ink disc remaining—possibly indicating that it was at least used some of the time for printing.

Hope this helps,

brad advise is great, one more thing i’d check the platen to make sure there are no welds or breaks, craftsmen are heavier than c&ps. good luck Dick G.

Probably a nice press, but $1800 seems a bit pricey. I just helped move a 10x15 Kluge with a similar setup. It was free. Not all presses are that inexpensive, but you should be able to do better on the price.

I have recently used 6” by 8” pads of 0.060” layers of rubber blanket to level a hand fed press on a concrete pad. Hockey Pucks could work just as well, i guess. On Ice! See you at the winter olympics?

I bought a 10x15 C&P Craftsman earlier this year for $200. I also think $1800 is too much.
A press like this weighs #3000.
The wood skids it is on will absorb vibrations sufficiently. Use the rubber mat for your own two feet.
my $.02

I have a C&P 10x15 new type (n series) and it weighs 1400lbs uncrated. That includes motor and all.

The C&P Craftsman Automatic Manual says 2675 lbs un-crated 3000 lbs. crated for shipping.

check the rails to see if they are flat, some are bumpy and wont print well (unless you use roller bearers)