Cutter ID help please

I just picked up this cutter, the only ID I can find is the ‘utility’ on the front. It weighs over 200 pounds and I couldn’t tip it to look on the underside. It has a 16 3/8 inch bed. Any ID help would be greatly appreciated

image: cutter 003a.jpg

cutter 003a.jpg

image: cutter 007a.jpg

cutter 007a.jpg

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There is one identical for sale currently on eBay under “vintage paper cutter”, maybe that seller has some knowledge.

There is a name/word cast into the front of the knife carrier. What is it?


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That reads ‘utility’ - I’m sending an e-mail to the seller on e-bay, hopefully he can shed some light on this for me. His has a picture of the name casted on the cutter ‘Pavyer Printing Machine works St. Louis MO USA’ Thanks!

Utility paper cutters were made by the Pavyer Manufacturing Co. and sold through ATF in the early 1900s

Thanks Bill - I’ll do a search. In the mean time, if anyone has any more info on this cutter it would be great

I just found this post. I’m at least two years behind on this discussion, but I have the same cutter. I bought it a couple of years ago, so it might have been the one on ebay.

I just talked to the company, which is still in business, to try and track down a new blade for this machine.

Did you ever find out any more information?

I don’t know where you are, but Mid Atlantic Knife in Ashland VA can probably supply a blade, especially if you already have one to copy. They’re not overly expensive and will ship. They’re also very good for sharpening blades of all sizes.


Wow, I was surprised to see a response on this post after 2+ years! I gave up on trying to find more info on my knife. It works well so I’m not too concerned about the history. I received 2 blades with my knife that were in like-new condition. For sharpening I go to Valley Knife in West Springfield MA, they have a fast turn-around and are nice people. I didn’t really have much luck contacting Pavyer directly, please let me know how you make out - I would love to get an owner’s manual for it if possible!