Removing rust from a Windmill

What are some good products, or methods people have used to remove rust on a Windmill?

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vinegar/lemon juice?

Lots of elbow grease and brown (aggesive) or grey (less aggressive) Scothbrite pads and kerosene or light oil. Having a flat holder to hold the pad will keep you from digging in (especially if working on the bed or platen). Also consider cleaning out the clean outs on either side of the base (one sort of behind the flywheel, the other ahead of the blower pump).

Take your time, better to take too little than too much. Also, no need to get the platen perfect, as it’ll be under packing anyway.

Remember, rust expands, try scraping as much off with a dull scraper first.

Michael Seitz
Missoula MT

When my 5 year old decided to help me out by cleaning my 2 windmills she sprayed lots of windex on them, to get the rust off i just used fine steel wool and elbow greese, depends how badly your press is rusted. Good Luck Dick G.