Recommended Books…?

Being kinda new to all of this I am looking for ways to learn more. I will be purchasing a C&P Craftsman. [photo attached] It has good bones but it needs a little love!

Are there any books on letterpress printing that you have found helpful? Any other resources such as online videos?

Thank you for the help!

image: IMG_2768.jpg


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Bob, check out Excelsior Press website, he has many videos and lots of helpful information about letterpress. Give us an idea where you are located, someone in your area might be able to help you, there are lots of letterpress people on this list that might help you. Good luck Dick G.

The letterpress FAQ at would be worth a look.

I’m in the SF bay area. North bay

Thanks for any of the help. I’m still trying to find the manual for this C&P

Try Boxcar.

4 manuals to select from.

Mike Day (Bay Area South)