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Hi folks,

I’m currently making a broadside of a poem, and as part of the design I would like to make several very light squares that sort of overlap with the words without making them illegible—sort of like floating shapes in the background of the poem.

I have a plate with a square on it. I’m thinking of doing a blind impression of it—that is, pressing it without any ink on it. I’m going to be using crane lettra paper and a Vandercook press. Just wondering if there’s anything special I need to know about blind impressions?

Are there any particular tricks to making them come out crisp?



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There aren’t really any special tricks. You’ll do a blind impression exactly the same way as a regular one…just without ink. I personally LOVE the blind impression. I think it adds such a tactile element, without distracting too much from the flow of the work.

You’ll still need to do all of your proper make-ready, but other than that, it is exactly the same.

Good Luck!
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Thanks, Joshua. I appreciate your response!


if you vary the pressure it should, to a point, give you different depth on the impression. so, different positions with different pressures would give a nice 3D look.