I’m excited to have my pilot (APC) set-up and finally printing a job.

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Good. Where is the picture of the little press? I was wishing I could exchange one of my legs for a little Pilot. The thing is, I need both my legs to walk …

But you only need one arm for the pilot.

So happy for you! Post some pics!


Thanks for the interest & encouragement. I’ve actually been a pressman for about 15 years - some Letterpress & more Offset. But it has only been in the last few years that I’ve been buying up equipment to work for myself. I rescued a big old Kluge 12 x 18 a couple years ago from our local Liberal Arts College just days before he was headed for scrap. But as much as I love ol’ King Kluge, I wanted a Tabletop for small runs and to teach my wife & kids a bit. Unfortunately when I got my little APC Tabletop she was way out of whack - in need of some serious TLC. Been fine tuning and making adjustments & finally she is printing pretty clean. Attached are a couple of photos. The first picture is the job I printed. The second picture is of my little setup.(pix are a bit sketchy - taken from my phone).

image: photo 1.jpg

photo 1.jpg

image: photo 2.jpg

photo 2.jpg

Fantastic table - awesome!