“Show Your Stuff”…

Back on Feb. 15th I posted “Photos of your studio/shop…” and the photos were great! It was a great way to have a virtual “Open House”.

If you don’t mind bragging a little…post some photos of your work that makes you smile. Anything that you created off your press.


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I have done a ton of work but the majority of my work is on my website if you wanted to check it out.


I would love to see other work as well - I am excited to see who responds. I have a lot of other letterpress printers websites bookmarked for future visits but I always seem to find new ones here!

Here’s my shop but I have since sold the Vandercook 4. Here’s my favorite poster.

image: VegasVicColl.jpg


image: shop2.jpg


Thanks you two…these are great!

I hope there is more to come


Do you not have the tower for that power carriage Uni III? It’ll change your life!



No it must have been thrown away before I got the press. It was originally sold with the tower. I get my exercise walking 3 steps at a time getting the press sheet. HA! I wish I had one, maybe it’ll show up here someday.

How is everything?


Nice printing shop. I guess I would have to exchange both my legs for a press like that. A arm for that caster, and so on.