Adana 8x5 - how old??

I was just given an Adana 8x5 letterpress from my father (he can’t remember where he got it, but has had it for probably 25-30 years, perhaps longer. I’d love to know if it is one of the older models, as it looks like the design of these presses changed at some point and the press was renamed the “Eight-Five”. I haven’t been able to find any definitive info.

The nameplate on the side says:
Model 8 x 5
Twickenham, Middlesex, England
Serial number: 568.

Here is a flickr set of the press in “as-found” condition - needs some TLC:

Any help would be appreciated!

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Looks like an early 2 hook model. I will need to look through my Adana stuff to give a better date. My Dad bought an early one in 1958 which I still have and it looks the same.
Late 50s/early 60s I guess.

great - thanks Jeremy!