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Hi Rosie, posting a pic of what you...10 Nov
Hi Rosie, posting a pic of what you...10 Nov
I have moved and restored countless...3 Aug
Hi Stuart, I have a catalogue with...2 Feb
Andy, I had something similar without...15 Nov
It’s weird but over here in UK...11 Nov
Top one is Dorchester Script. 26 Oct
There was a set for sale on eBay U.K....10 Aug
Pics would help. Are you using the...22 Jul
Looks like Basuto. A Stephenson Blake...27 Jun
One thing I’m not short of is quoins....13 Jun
The press is still live - beware!5 Jun
Patrick Roe at the Logan Press has an...13 Mar
Hi, I think £5k is top whack for your...12 Aug
.918 is not specific to US. What about...24 Jul
Carl, It’s Blackfriars Type...22 May
Hi, Im going to chime in here too. I...7 Nov
Hi John, Happy to help you value your...23 Sep
The moving 'carriage' as it were runs...18 Jun
Lisa, Sorry i dont have any pics to...18 Jun
Hi, Have shifted a couple of these....15 Jun
Mike, Im a UK resident and I'll try...14 Feb
What does the brass plate say by the...27 Jan
Patrick along with Hugh Macfarlane are...8 Jan
Two things. You’ll need to check your...9 Dec
Just noticed above the left hand screw...31 Jul
I have had 2 of these small presses -...31 Jul
speak to Ed Denovan...21 Mar
Yes that's correct, I'm chasing its...7 Mar
I didn't upload the L/c sorry!4 Mar
Thank you very much!2 Mar
Hi David, Speak to Stephen Kenny at...2 Feb
David, I had a client that broke same...27 Jan
Bob, Many thanks - I've just uncovered...12 Jul
I've seen this before it's a Stephenson...10 Jul
Hi Martin, Yes the frisket was...16 Jun
Another simple fix, often missed by new...5 Jun
Mick - I agree wholeheartedly with...28 May
Hi Nick, Hear from Steve Bowen that...14 Mar
I can elaborate on the accident with...14 Mar