Hi Need some help again.

Went through all my books, and tried identifont, but hitting a brick wall. 2 sets I am not finding an id for.
The outline set has a distinctive A. The other set I have found many with the Q, but the R has a kick up on the leg, and the A has a very high cross bar. Thanks for any ideas!…Sue

image: MVC-857F.JPG


image: MVC-858F.JPG


image: MVC-859F.JPG


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If I’m not mistaken, the first font: Hadriano Stone Cut by Frederic Goudy, and the second font: Kabel by Rudolf Koch.

Thank you I will check those out…Sue

Hadriano Stone Cut should be jointly credited to Goudy and also Sol Hess of Monotype. Goudy designed Hadriano Title in 1918 and added the lowercase in 1930. It was Sol Hess at Monotype who experimented with cutting the inline into Hadriano Title (without Goudy’s knowledge). A proof was shown to Goudy and it pleased him so much that he gave Monotype permission to issue matrices of the “Stonecut” variation for general sale in 1934.