Moving costs

I’m considering purchasing a shop for sale and want to know if anyone can offer some advice on what potential moving costs would be. There are a two presses – a Vandercook and a Windmill, and lots of type cabinets. Beyond that, it’s a full, working shop. The move is a few hundred miles.

Am I looking at $5k? $10k? $20k??

Obviously I don’t expect someone to price the job, but maybe share your experiences professionally moving a shop or a few presses.

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Hi there —
I see from your website that you’re in New Jersey — I would contact Diego at EZ Rigging:
He moved a Heidelberg from New York to Boston for me and it went very smoothly, paid 2K I think.
Back in 2004 I shipped from Wisconsin to Boston a much smaller (700 lbs) press and enough type and cabinets to bring the shipment up to 1200+ pounds. FedEx Freight took care of it and I think I paid $500 or so.
You’ll need a rigging company for the Heidelberg and it’ll probably be cheapest to have them do everything else while they’re at it.
Good luck!

It has been our experience in shipping, that any press over 150 lbs. is shipped by a common carrier. We use for quotes. R & L Carrier has lift gate trucks for residential delivery or businesses w/o docks. R & L does not have an additional fee for the lift gate. They just need to schedule the appropriate vehicle for delivery. Example: Fed-Ex charged $275.00 more for the same shipment, when compared to a quote from Freightcenter.
Presses are classified as 85. Do not in any way, use the terms, antique, vintage or collectible in describing the item being shipped. They will not ship it. Getting items on a pallet for shipping is their preferred method.
Hope this helps.

I’ve got a guy who says he can do it all for just under $4k. That’s a lot better than I thought. I’ll check with Diego as well for a comparison. Thanks.

Make sure if you do hire a rigger that they are bonded and insured. Also document everything BEFORE it gets moved. If anything goes wrong, you want to be able to document any damages. Also if the equipment is being shipped by common carrier (either by the riggers or yourself) consider crating the presses to prevent untoward forklift/handling damages.

If doing it yourself, study how you would do it and take your time. To ease materal handling, palletization is the way to go. If relying on others, be very specific in what you want done.

Best of luck.

You may prefer to move everything you can on your own first. Just use the rigger for the larger pieces. That way they can concentrate on doing everything well and not be distracted by clutter like type cases, furniture racks, tools, reglet, etc.