type of wiring required


I am looking at a 14.5 x 22 Chadler and Price as well as a windmill - 10x 15. Could any one tell me the correct voltage required to operate these. Thank you.

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I would suspect that either press can be configured for 110 volt or 220 volt single phase. Most Windmills have a 2 hp 220 volt motor and most are set up for three phase power, which would require a phase convertor or variable frequency drive. The 14 x 22 will likely have a big 1 hp Kimble variable speed motor (with a speed control lever on the motor or elsewhere) and probably be a single phase machine.

Operating either machine at 220 volts will make them more efficient to operate and require smaller (relative) weight wiring to support.

Motor voltage and phase requirements are usually on a data plate on the motor itself. Also look in the archives here for a lot of detailed information on motors

Good luck with your press.