a press….

I was wondering if any of you have ideas for getting a press. I’m really at a loss. I’ve tried ebay, craigslist and just recently here. I’m looking for a tabletop or at least one that doesn’t take alot of space for now, in good working condition. There really aren’t very many in South Dakota. I’ve even contacted other businesses that own presses for suggestions only 1 was willing to help!! So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am open to any suggestions that would allow me to get my hands on a press that won’t cost to much (1200 and below), that won’t cost a bunch to ship, or isn’t really far away. Thank you!

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i’m on the east coast, the only places i know are Excelsior Press in New Jersey and Letterpress Things in Massachusetts, theri information is here on briar press. Good Luck Dick G.

Where in SD are you? I don’t have a tabletop available, but I have an 8x12 floor model in Iowa City, IA.

What size press are you looking for?

dicharry: Im in huron. so your about 8 -9 hours from me but im ok with that! thats closer then anyone else so far! plus a friend of mine has family in Wheatland and Davenport. What are the specifics of it and would you have any other equipment with it?

Thank you so much!!!

ink spot: I would like at least a 5 x 8 if not bigger i guess

If you can work something out with dicharry that would be great. I think you will quickly find that a 5x8 will be small than you thought. The floor model will take up some additional space, but you’ll love the extra printing size of the press.

a 8x12 will print much better than a table top press, you will be much happier with a floor model. you can always print smaller on a big press, but you can’t print bigger on a small press. Good Luck Dick G.

Put up a small flyer at local paper suppliers where printers may see it. You may get lucky and find someone who is moving, downsizing or? Might get a press for free, or at a reasonable price, if you move it out. Good Luck and don’t give up!