Adana HS 3

I recently acquired up an Adana HS 3 that’s in a sorry state. The press has some rust, needs new rollers and appears seized. I’ve found a source for the rollers and the condition doesn’t phase me. What I need is an operators manual or a tear down illustration. There is a plethora (so too speak) of manuals for the “modern” Adana’s and even the HS 2. Anyone know of or have resources for my press? Oh and here’s a dumb question of sorts, does the Adana have a lock to keep the action (correct term?) from engaging during setup?

If anyones interested I can post images of the press.

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I took some quick photos of the press with my phone, not all of them turned out.[email protected]/sets/72157623584912045/

Langester - According to the book “The Adana Connection,” your press was first made in 1950. “Buyers were initially given a choice of cast iron (100lbs weight) or aluminium alloy (40lbs weight) machines, although production of the heavier machine was rapidly discontinued, possibly because of the higher shipping costs.” The chase size is noted as 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. You may wish to get in touch with the author, Inksprite, a Briar Press member.

Your press looks more like a Kelsey press than other Adanas I’ve seen. It resembles the much older Excelsior Model O . You might find helpful operating instructions in one of the Adana or Kelsey manuals that can be downloaded from Press manuals: parts, care, and instruction.