Amps for a new style c and p?

Hi all,

I am building a workshop and need to plan for the use of a new style c and p (12” x 15”). I do not as yet have the motor. What is the general amperage needed to run the machine?



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I believe the factory spec is a for 10 x 15 (not 12) is for a 1/3 hp motor, which would draw about 5 amps as 115 volts (if that). When I first ran my 10 x 15 (with a 1/4 hp motor) I was running off an extension cord, along with a shop light. In the winter cold starting the press would cause the fluorescent light to go out (!). until the press got rolling up to speed. If you use the smaller motors, you will need to push start the flywheel (not a bad idea in most cases anyway).