mag and copper plates

I’ve been using Owosso Graphics for all my plates, but for the past year I have had nothing but problems with their quality and now their invoicing. Their turn-around time is generally pretty good, and they do willingly remake the plates when there are issues, however I just don’t have the patience anymore to deal with all the problems.

I am considering using solely photopolymer, but I really like the feel of working with the metal and wood blocks.

does anyone have any recommendations for a reliable platemaker?

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metal magic

Here are a few others. My favorite is Universal Engraving.
Advance Corp.
Magnesium Elektron

There are many more engravers out there, these are just a few I had on hand with websites.

I use Hodgins Engraving great turnaround and very nice work

BTW… if you plan on keeping these plates,,,die’s, as i call them… copper is probably your best bet. mag used to be the inexpensive choice, they do corrode much faster, and are much less durable. IE… the metal is soft and dents easily. from my experiance the price VS durability makes copper a better value.. plus it is not flammable and draws a better recycle value if it comes to that.