Parts identification needed

I found this stuff in a box of misc letterpress parts. Anybody know what they are? Anybody need them? All I need is postage and the first to say “gimme” gets them.

image: Photo0095.jpg


image: Photo0096.jpg


image: Photo0097.jpg


image: Photo0098.jpg


image: Photo0099.jpg


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The first three photos are linotype parts, not sure what the last two photos are. Dick G.

not sure either,,, maybe parts for an old “potatoe gun”?

All are Linotype parts except for the last, which is a bracket for a Wale Floating Nozzle feeder attachment. They were made here in San Francisco to improve sheet separation, used on Chiefs, Kellys, Millers and other presses. ATF bought them out at the end and they became standard on ATF presses.

If no lino people want the lino parts i’ll say “gimme”, i’m starting to collect linotype stuff in hopes of getting one sometime soon. Dick G.

Dick G -

Email a shipping address and I’ll send them to you. Shipping is about $5. Here’s a pic of the lot.

image: Photo0102.jpg