West Coast Windmill Rigger

I just bought my first windmill and my husband thinks he can move it. I’ve read all the other discussions regarding self moves and professional moves. I don’t think my nerves can handle my husband moving the press, are there any riggers that anyone has worked with that do west coast moves?

The press needs to be moved from Southern California to Eastern Idaho. It will need to be palletized, moved and unloaded into my garage :)

Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Adrienne-

I am on the east coast, but I ended up on this company’s email list which resides on the west coast. They state that they move printing equipment nationwide. I have no experience with them, but it may be a place for you to start. I cut and pasted their info from one of their emails.

Good luck-


Jim Salazar Company, Inc.

Pasadena * Los Angeles * Orange County
626 797-3685 * 213 388-9899 * 714 740-1520 * 800 675-1548
Fax: 626 797-3687
E-mail: [email protected]