@ sign for letterpress

I was wondering if any of you letterpress savvy printmakers know of a good place to find lead type @ signs in a variety of sizes. I know a few places carry them but I don’t know who has a good deal. Thanks.

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We can cast them in foundry metal. I think M&H has Monotype handy boxes of them. I think Pat Reagh does packs of them too, also in Monotype. Alan Waring has 14 pt foundry ones in his eBay store.

Daniel Morris
The Dale Guild Type Foundry
Howell, NJ & Brooklyn, NY

Contact Bill Reese at Quaker City Type Foundry in
Honey Brook, Pennsylvania——he has many handi-fonts
of special characters at VERY reasonable prices————
Go to the SUPPLIERS or TYPE FOUNDERS listing at this web-site and you can obtain all necessary info therein.

I know for sure that Skyline Type Foundry has them in stock in several sizes in a handy box with various other typographical symbols for $20.00, plus $8.00 shipping (for any size order). Here’s a specimen:

image: Collection 6.jpg

Collection 6.jpg

Just a bit of information. The @-sign is not really a special sign, it has been in use in the USA and other English speaking countries for a long time. It stems from ’ the Spanish ‘arroba’, which comes from the Arab ‘ar-roub’, a quarter and measures 12 to 15 kg in weight or 10 to 16 litres in volume. Most typefoundries had them in their catalogues.

Thank you so much guys! This is a great help

The Pat Reagh casting is more useful than the average handifont of @s. He has two fonts, one regular, one boldface, with 6, 8, 10, and 12 point @s cast as 6/6, 6/8, 8/8, 6/10, 8/10, 10/10, 6/12, 8/12, 10/12 and 12/12. Usually the @ fills the whole type body for ad typography, but Pat’s casting was intended specifically for email adresses.