Tabletop Press Identification …

Does anyone know anything about this tabletop press? No physical identification found. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Philip …

image: barrett-table-press-02-8x12-72.jpg


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I’d say it’s the Young America Secretary press, made (according to an ad reproduced in Hal Sterne’s Catalogue of 19th Century Printing Presses (p. 205) by Young America Press Co. of New York.


Bob — Thanks for the information. I was looking on the Briar Press website and found the Young America press, which looked a lot like the one I posted. So, did the Young America press have different models? I do have a copy of Hal’s book and will have to check it out. Again, thanks! Philip

I’m not sure about different models. I had one some years back that was, I believe, about 6x10 chase size. They may have made several sizes. What size is this one?


The one that I’m purchasing from John Barrett has a 6x10 chase. I was searching for another C&P Pilot, but the market is crazy for them right now. I looked at this press last Saturday and I believe it will at the least be similar in impression as the Pilot. What sort of experience did you have with your Young America? Philip

I thought it was a very fine press, though it did not compare with my Sigwalt Nonpareil for ease of use. I made a wedge-shaped base tapering thinner from back to front, to tilt the press forward and make feeding easier. I used it primarily for workshops teaching letterpress printing and the students seemed to gravitate to it because it was the largest press I took to the workshops, among half a dozen different ones I had. Does the one you’re getting have rollers and trucks? They’re not shown in the photo.

Thanks for the feeding suggestion. Yes, John is taking care of the rollers and trucks. I should be picking the press up on the next Saturday that Letterpress Things will be open.