DIY platemaking

I have a UVc lamp at home and would like to try making my own plates. Can someone give me the lay of the land or point to relevant threads or resources?

Thanks a ton

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Try this website and rummage through the archives.

i’m trying to make my own polymer plates also but my question to any one who might know.
What is the suction seal/vacum step before exposing the plate under UV light, is it necessary & can you do with the suction step to achieve the same professional result.
via utube: itsfancy “Making a Photopolymer plate for letterpress “

hipost i hope the attach links help with how & where to start with making your own plates.
im still in the researching stage, seeing what the best & common technique is to making the plate.

I’ll preface this by saying I’m no expert…

The suction helps insure that you film is flush with the plate. You know how things get fuzzy in photography if your lens is out of focus? It’s the same idea with exposure. You need to make sure that the film is making good contact with the unexposed plate in order to get a sharp burn.

Some systems get around this by using projection, and I know a lot of DIY screenprinters ensure contact by laying a sheet of glass on their positive to hold it against the screen.

The best way to learn is to hop in and start to do it. Don’t forget your step wedge kit to estimate exposure, especially if you don’t have access to a light integrator…