Will this make a good plate for printing?

A friend with a C&P is helping me print my wedding invitations. I’m planning on getting a plate made at Owosso and he suggested I get feedback here on the design. Anything on the design look like there would be an issue with making a plate or printing?

The invitation is 3.5x8.5in and the RSVP card is 5x3.5in. Don’t know if the resolution of the jpeg here is too poor for you to give a good opinion. The file I have to send Owosso is a vector drawing.

image: RSVP.jpg


image: Invitation.jpg


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I would clean up that oyster (?) a bit, it looks like it may have some gray in it. Try converting what you have into a bitmap (no, not with paint, but with photoshop) and use the 50% threshold to see your design as pure line art.

Anything other than black in a file will have to be interpreted with a screen or get lost during exposure.

The sizes seem to be a little odd, but that’s totally your call, Good luck!

As long as the oyster drawing is vector, as you say, and it’s strictly black and white, I don’t see any problems.

Your line weights on the response card look a bit heavy, but that’s just personal preference.