Dodson 10x15

Looking for information on Dodson presses. I am in the process of buying a Dodson 10x15 and can find very little info on the press.

Larger Photos here:

I posted on Letpress list and got a couple of responses but the folks offering info sort of went away after I tried contacting them.


image: Press 1.jpg

Press 1.jpg

image: Press 2.jpg

Press 2.jpg

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If the axle of the flywheel has a crank in it in the middle of the press (a section that is offset from the axis) the press could have been equipped with a treadle, but many “new style” C&Ps had a straight axle and could not use a treadle. The treadle would probably have been too wide to fit that notch.

You should be able to get a replacement gripper — or make one. Not a critical part.


Um, must not be a lot of Dodson owners out there.

I would sure like to hear from some owners of these presses. Anyone?


PS: Thanks for your info Bob.

T_om, there is a thread to Dodson here at briarpress
5 may 09.good luck james

James, I found that thread… there are only FOUR hits on this entire site that turn up “Dodson”.

This must be an extremely rare press.

Even Google (gasp) is no help… believe it or not, my post immediately above yours turns up number THREE in a Google search. How’s that for a lack of info?