Deckle Edge

When running a broadsheet poster, what is considered “proper form” for the position of the deckle edge (top, right edge, bottom)? Thanks in advance for your comments.

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The deckle is just where the fibers play out at the edge of the mould, on four sides of a hand-made sheet of paper, and two sides of mould-made paper. Where a deckle falls on the sheet depends on how the sheet is trimmed. What you should be concerned about is the grain of the paper, and how you have to feed your sheet in the press. Make sure that you don’t necessarily have a deckle running against a guide, especially if you are running more than one color.


I was taught that the deckle edge should (where possible) be positioned either to the right or at the bottom of a single sheet printed piece.

Of course Paul is correct in suggesting that the deckle not be used as the register edge unless the sheet is a full handmade sheet with four deckles.