C & P guillotine cutter — what is the going price

My father is going to sell a C&P guillotine cutter (30”, I think). What is the appropriate price range? I know that how much it costs the buyer to transport it will also be a factor. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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Once beyond 26”, guillotine cutters get a little more interesting to move and hence sell. Post pictures showing condition, note ease or difficulty of removal, and indicate if there are extras (such as spare blades). Value could range from scrap to good money, depending on if somebody nearby needs it.

Thanks for the info. We’re in KS. It won’t be easy to move since it is in a basement. However, my father is planning to get it and the presses moved out of the basement.

I’m posting a photo of the cutter. The cutter has a blade carrier, and there are spare cutter sticks (according to my father). He says it is in good condition.

image: cutter.jpg