Ink Identification

I picked up a new 5lb container of this ink at a printshop sale. I’m new to letterpress and figured I’d give it a go - without knowing anything about ink :)

I was curious if this type of ink will bring me any limitations? I really couldn’t find out much about it online other than it’s oil based and this description:

“Works best with dry electrostatic masters but also works well with liquid electrostatic masters. High density.”

Any help would be appreciated. I would rather purchase some proper ink if this will hinder me from learning and understanding how well I’m printing.

image: Ink


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Most printing inks will work on letterpress, where this is oil ink you don’t want to leave it on the press too long, it might start to dry on the rollers. never leave oil ink on the press overnight. Good Luck Dick G.

Check out they sell this ink and should be able to provide an MSDS and printing info.