roll printing?

This was posted over on the FPO blog today:

How was this printed? What kind of press?

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Haha, I was just wondering the same thing! The project also said it was diecut. Looking at Mandate Press’s website, they seem to have a lot of available presses to work with…

I didn’t see a list of equipment on their site. Where did you spot it? All I could find were photos of a Uni and a #4 on their flickr page.

The flickr page has a picture of them moving with about 5 presses in a truck.

I may be way off, but some presses can be web-fed. Their Heidelberg cylinder press might be the culprit.

ciao, sorry for my english…what you search?
want you see press machine roll to roll?

I would guess that any letterpress set up for Foil Stamping could print roll to roll with the precise pull / stop action needed to print these. So my guess is: Windmill with a Foil Unit and Controller.

My question is - how do you get French Paper on a small roll?

Let me know if I’m way off… I’m sure someone will.

Oh yeah - what about inking? Could the foil unit be modified to run the paper off of the platen side, despite the movement?

i have print machine roll to roll with foil stamping and letterpress roll to roll…can i help you???

Good question….answer is he/she farmed it out….or a nice white collar worker would say outsourced. Italy produces some of the finest printing! And as you can see from etichettein web site… that is really how it is done…..not on a windmill or an old platen press.

Wait a minute….I’m pretty sure Al did this printing….hurry up…order all your printing needs from him and his pal Lou….they have a fund raiser going on…The true and honest Excelsior Press!!

Wildmh2000, That seems rather off-base and unnecessary for this thread.

Back on topic, I got a response from Mandate that said they printed them on their Vandercook. Now I’m completely confused. How is a sheet-fed proof press supposed to do something like this?

Okay jonsel you are correct….it was printed, diecut, perforated, and numbered on their Vandercook.

Oh my word, that would have taken forever! Even if the form was run 6 or 8 up, keeping everything in line looks like a real job. Still, they might of die-cut/perfed them first, making register much easier. I would guess a frisket and a lot of rigging on the cylinder would keep a roll of paper manageable.