Letterpress as a Business - Panel Discussion posted online

Hi everybody! We recorded the “Letterpress as a Business” panel discussion at the San Francisco Center for the Book.

Here’s the audio/podcast of the panel discussion, posted on Soundcloud. It’s separated into four segments:

1) Introductions
2) Job Costs and Pricing
3) Q&A
4) Finishing and More Q&A



image: letterpress_business.jpg


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Can one download this or subscribe to it via iTunes?

Excellent, thank you so much!

@jonsel will post the event recording to iTunes in the next few days… will post the info once it’s done.

Awesome. I hope they consider doing this kind of event on the east coast. Maybe NY’s Center for Book Arts could arrange something?

That would be a great idea! The NY Center for the Book Arts is fairly similar to SFCB (several Vandercook presses, lots of metal type and rotating exhibitions, etc.).

I’d definitely try reaching out to them with the concept :)

Thanks for the link! I have really enjoyed listening to these!

Thanks for the link!

Thank you,

Great link!