Ludlow Heat Adjustment

I have a Gas Ludlow and the temp control has stopped working. Fortunately, I have a temp gauge on it so the lead didn’t get too hot. Can I take the the flow control apart and clean it? I think it’s a mercury type control so there’s more hazardous stuff to worry about.

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I suggest that you do not try to repair your heat control problem on the ludlow.

There is a book by a ludlow trouble shooter named James Parrish which costs $65. It may pay for you to have this book. You can get it from Dave Seat, @

Good luck with the problem.


Your heat control may be a partlow corp bulb and bellows. frequently they are found to leak mercury when they go over temperature. Great care should be used when handling the part that goes from the lead to the gas control. If you can send me a picture, not on the net as i am quite illiterate when it come so understanding what is meant from what is said. If i have a used partlow element (B&B) I can test it here and send it to you at only shipping costs. If it proven to be the answer to the heat problem, that will be thanks enough. If you need more information on how to remove and handle the old partlow element please contact me at 562-944-9184 and we’ll pick a time and try to give it a go over the phone. If needed a new part can be obtained from S.O.S. Lino in Goodletsville, TN. You can contact Jerry there and he’ll let you know about prices and even advise you on removal if needed. Several sources are better than one!
Jim Reck

Thank you, Sal and Jim. I have the James Parish manual.
Jim, I’ll get back to you soon, and try to get a picture.


I’m looking to sell a Ludlow book of instructions, see my ad on 20 June. The manual does address the gas heated crucible. Now I don’t know if it addresses your problem but you maybe interested in what I’m trying to sell. Send me an e-mail and i will check to see if it addresses your problem.


Thanks, William. I have about all the mauals and repair books on Ludlows and Linotypes, or at least enough to keep me confused for a few years. I’ve bypassed the temp control and am controlling the heat with a needle valve. It works pretty well, and I have a couple more things to set. Once I get a break, I’ll see if I can get the control off and get it fixed or replaced.