glossy ink

I have never heard anyone talk about the possibility of an ink with a bit of gloss. Is there an ink for letterpress that offers a gloss?

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Inks today are much glossier than they used to be. This is primarily due to the soy oils and waxes that tend to have a higher gloss than the linseed oils and others previously used. Indeed, many ink companies sell a matte additive to tone down the gloss. You may not notice it so much with an absorbent vellum or laid type of paper, but it is readily apparent on a coated stock, and in overprinting; any combination where the ink dries on the surface and the oils come to the surface rather than being absorbed into the paper.

You might contact an ink manufacturer and request a high gloss varnish that could be added to your existing ink, but it must be used sparingly, as it will also thin the pigment dispersion as well. In general soy inks have a higher gloss, but they do not dry well on coated stock. In that case you will have to add a drier that will act appropriately.