Splotchy Ink on Polymer

Sorry if this is redundant but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am printing wedding invites on a Universal Vandercook. The invites have a 10 PT Century Gothic font and require orange ink.

All of the cards are coming out very splotchy and uneven. It looks like the ink is being squeezed off the side of the impression despite the fact that I am using minimal pressure.

I have tried:

Switching to oil based inks. No change.
Rubber based inks. No change.
Less pressure. No change.
Less ink. No change.
Tack reducer (tube promised a more even ink coat). No change.

Time is of the essence and I have limited resources. I’m assuming that I need to add something to the ink to make it more sticky. What can I add? And if your suggestion comes from a specialty print supplier, are their alternatives?



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Corn starch or rice starch might work in a pinch. Just enough to stiffen the body of the ink a little.


What kind of paper are you using?

hard to tell what’s wrong, maybe your rollers are hitting the type too hard? good luck Dick G.

Photos would help… everyone is just taking shots in the dark until you show what is happening.


Have you checked your roller height?