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Yay my first posting on Briar!
I am just starting out in letterpress and was wondering if anyone could offer some advice with what papers are good for letterpress. I would like to get some sample books and build a library of papers. I don’t have a lot of money to slurge on paper sample books, so any advice with how to get samples would be good too.


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Please check the archives using the search function to research what’s already been said on the matter of paper. Ultimately, experience will be the best judge of which paper is best for your situation. Uncoated cotton stock is a good starting place.

As for sample books, my local distributor gives away books from larger suppliers, like French Paper, Neenah, and Crane. Good luck!

Do you know which suppliers you want? I can keep any eye out the next time I go to my local distributor.

French Paper has a great selection of paper, get all the swatch books.

Reich Savoy
Cranes Lettra
Chip Board

Go online to Legion paper and request swatch books.

Your local paper distributor should have a variety of paper and swatch books.

Uncoated paper you’ll find print wells but if it’s too textured then the texture (hills and valley’s) interrupt the pressing of the letter on the sheet, you really can’t kiss the paper.

Coated paper is really nice and has better ink hold out. I use this for posters and postcards.

I’ll print on paper sacks, chipboard, 100% cotton paper, colored, coated, and uncoated.

You’ll find what you like best depending on the work you print.

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