The Value of an Old Letterpress

I’m new to the site, so if this is the wrong place for this question, I apologize. I am an artist and I’ve had two presses for quite some time. I use my Vandercook proofing press from time to time for woodcuts, but I also have an old big black letterpress which I never use. I ran it a few times when I bought it 20 years ago. The rollers have deteriorated. Since I need the space it occupies I need it to go. The recycling plant will give me $200 for it for scrap, but that would be a shame. I would prefer letting it go to someone who could use it. Would this press be worth $200 to anyone here? It’s always been in my shop and seems to be in fine shape. I’m in NE Ohio. Thanks.

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Hi Mark,

Welcome to!

You’ve come to the right place to ask this question. There are literally thousands of people who read this Web site.

Can you provide a few more pieces of information? The reason I ask is, with a little more info, folks here will be more than happy to help you identify what you have. This would include:

* Photos of the press from all four sides are very helpful
* Notes of any words on the press and any numbers that you can see are very helpful, too.
* Even if you can’t post photos, information about the words on the press, numbers … and the height, width and length of the press can be most helpful.
* Also, is anything else included with the press? Sometimes, an owner has a manual or a spare set of rollers or other neato items.

Very likely, there is someone near you who would be interested in what you have. I have driven three hours to look at a press. I know of others who have driven eight hours.

Mark, this is the best place on the Internet for identifying what you have and finding the new owner for your press. There literally are dozens of printing professionals who comb through this site every day.

Finally, I have no connection with anybody on but in the event you make a sale, you might consider sending a small contribution to Elizabeth, the Web site manager, to help keep this site alive and thriving.