Taking apart a Hamilton composing table

Any advice on how best to take apart a hamilton composing table? This has a wood furniture rack on one side and a chase rack/letter board rack on the other side. Has an iron composing stone on top.

I need to get it through a 34 inch door, and would like some constructive advice regarding disassembly.

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That sound like a fabulous thing! What are it’s dimensions?
Could you post a picture?


It’s 36 inches tall without the top, 38 inches deep, and less than 60 inches wide (didn’t take a full measure of that less critical dimension at this moment).

Can the bottom skirt/base come off with some persuasion?

Depending on how important/valuable this table is to you, take a look at having a carpenter remove the door and framing and re-installing after the move.
These tables are rare enough that you might want to avoid compromising it structurally.

Thanks for all your help. We just finished our investigation, and for the record, down in the skirt/base there is a cross member welded in place which holds it all together. Beyond the top coming off, no disassembly is possible.

It’s a beautiful, functional table, but I can’t put it in my shop.

Le sigh…