Can anybody help with the make of this press

Hi, posted this in the hope that someone might have a clue as to the make or year of this machine. It has the serial number 4532 located on the top left of chase bed. The fly wheel is off the machine and is next to it in the photo it has straight spokes.
I have spent hours looking on the internet but can’t find one the same. Any ideas anyone would be appreciated

Thanks Chris (Tasmania, Australia)

image: P29-06-10_09.27[01].JPG


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I have found this picture of it at Espace Gutenberg - CH 1462 Yvonand Sent them an email still waiting to hear back i think it was made by Winkler Fallert & Co. Berne, Switzerland now WIFAG Maschinenfabrik AG

image: Site EG M 7.JPG

Site EG M 7.JPG

I love that crazy feedboard.

I finally found her on this site here in Australia. (Looked here but must have missed this page) I am happy now and have learned a lot in the mean time. Restoring her back to working order will be the next thing. She has some good features and should print fine. With this added information I can see how the roller train works and I can set about making new rubber rollers for her. Sorry winking I have to pass on the gummy bear rollers I have 4 children they would eat them before you even have a chance to start making them. I think this site is worth a look for those who have not seen it before.