Need help with Font Identification

I have several different point sizes of the font in the pics.
I have used Identifont and get no clear answer. The A looks like Park Avenue but other letters like G, E, F,B etc. don’t fit.
I am stumped. Please help.


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Stylescript, I think. McGrew p 294.

Stylescript it is. I assume that stess may not have McGrew’s book, so I will add that this face was designed by Sol Hess for Monotype in 1940.

What looked curious to me was the lowercase “r” that is not the character shown in McGrew’s book. I then went to my Monotype catalog and have discovered that Stylescript offerred two versions of the “r” as well as the “s”. The font shown has both “s”s but only one “r”. I’ll have to make a note that the alternate “r” is missing in McGrew’s specimen showing.


Thanks to the both of you. I do not have McGrew’s, but I am going to get it.