C&P 8x12 Old Style stuck in closed position

Hello fellow printers and Happy 4th!

Two weeks ago I acquired a C&P old style press. The press came to me in good condition, just needed a little cleaning and oiling. Admittedly I know little about this press, I have a Vandercook and Pilot so I thought this would be pretty straightforward. After getting my type locked up and inking the press, I started to print. The type needed some adjustment so I removed the chase, replaced some type and put the chase back in… ready to go or so I thought. After I pulled one print, the press just locked up in the closed position. I don’t know what I did or didn’t. I barely got to know how the press operates so I’m sorry for my ignorance here. I can’t turn the flywheel, move the treddle….nothing. I removed the rollers and cleaned the disk, but the chase is still clamped tight against the platen. I’m including some photos although I’m not sure if they will shed any insight. Oh dear what did I do?


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first thing to try is to grab the flywheel with your hand and try to rock it backwards, this will work most of the time. you either had too much packing or you caught a gripper with your form. if this don’t work we can try other things. Good Luck Dick G.

You can also try gently pushing back the throwoff lever to see if that will free the press. Could be that there was too much packing or something in your form was dislodged and forced the press to lock up.

Hope that helps,