Hey Chicago Printers!

Hey Chicago Printers!

We sold the house! Now we don’t want to pack the whole shop up so if you are in the Chicago area and can make it to the Northwest side this week, come get some stuff!

Type Cabinets
C&P 8x12
type cases
type in cases
darkroom supplies
offset presses
plate burner
vacuum table exposure unit
LOTS of paper stock
HUNDREDS of cans of ink
leads and slugs
slug racks for single and double cabinets
galley racks
books and magazines on printing (lots of old Graphic Arts Monthly etc)
steel furniture
drawing and art supplies
slug cutter
printer’s trim saws
Challenge paper drill
electric stitcher
Antique Bostitch pedal stapler
lock up chases
cutter blades
and lots of other cool vintage and antique office supplies, shelving, tape dispensers, paper tape, staplers etc.

Give a call or text to 773 263 9149 to come by and see it all. You must take your things with you at time of purchase we cannot hold anything.

If you know anyone(printer, artist, collector of curiosities) interested, please spread the word. See you this week!

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