What is the deal with “galley high”?

Why would a press bed be “galley high” (.968), as opposed to type high (.918)?

Does this result in a huge pain in the ass? Or something.

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Many proof presses were galley height so you could lay down and proof type in a galley. All you need is a bed plate and it’s back up to type high.

Gotcha. Makes sense.

Also, you can lay a stick with set type directly on the bed to print. Most proof presses I worked with were set to galley/stick height. We layed a base plate, galley thick, first then layed the locked-up chase on it. Best of both worlds. D

if i remember right .050 cold-rolled steel is what you need for a bed plate…cut to your bed size.

otherwise a large galley will work……..as a temporary bed plate