Golding Pearl improved #11 pin came out- press locking up

While operating my press tonight a “pin” dropped out of the left side by the wheel. I have no idea where it goes or came from. Now when I engage the lever to print the press completely locks up and the wheel locks also. When the lever is engaged and the beds do not touch it works fine.

HELP.;;. I am new to this and I the diagrams from 1870 are not helping!

image: photo.JPG


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That looks like a key, usually it will go on a shaft to hold a gear or flywheel in place, there should be a cut out on a shaft that this would fit into. Hope this helps. Dick G.

Hi Steph,

Dick is right. Also, I replied to your email with all the locations I could think of that have a key on the Pearl. Three are on the shaft with flywheel. Look there first.


it’s got to have come from inside that shaft that operates the fly wheel and lever but I just don’t see anything… :(

image: photo(2).JPG


image: photo(3).JPG



I saw this ad and thought of you. What this shows is a motor that is set up with an 8 x 12 press that has the belt on the flywheel. I believe this set up is a possible solution to your issue—in other words, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a drive wheel—you use the flywheel to connect your belt to. The first picture shows how this would all be set up. I suppose you’d just need to buy a motor and a belt long enough to get around your motor sheave and your flywheel. Sorry about sending this through Briar…couldn’t find your direct email address.

…or in case the link doesn’t work, go to eBay and enter item number: 110966589917