C&P OS Pilot: one bolt looks loose.

Just picked up this gorgeous Pilot yesterday, and it’s in ridiculously good condition. I’ve never owned a tabletop, and the only thing that I can see even barely wrong with it is one loose bolt. It’s in the photo; it looks like #255 the side arm screw when I look at the C&P Manual. I haven’t messed with it yet, but probably will at least give it a good cleaning when I get home from the office today.

If there’s anything particularly wrong with this bolt, will it be easy to find a replacement?

image: DSC03712.jpg


image: DSC03714.jpg


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There’s a part missing there, but you could likely substitute a couple of large washers in it’s place.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Awesome. Do you have a photo of what’s supposed to be there for reference? :)

Here’s a photo. This shot comes from Brad Cornelius’ Flickr page.

I have some scans of an original Pilot sales brochure up there too.


image: pilotpart.jpg

Great! Pickin’ up washers tomorrow. I appreciate the picture. :)

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