Any Chance It’s Goudy?

My father used to say that he had “remnants” of five full fonts of Goudy type, “handset by the master typographer himself,” given to him by Goudy in 1936 when he was a teenager publishing his own summer weekly. Looking around his old shop, I’ve just found several small packages of type, wrapped and tied with old newsprint dated 1946. I have no idea what the type (Goudy Garamont and Goudy Italian Old Style) would look like or how to match it. Does anyone know whether these imprints and type could be some of it?

image: maybe goudy.jpg

maybe goudy.jpg

image: maybe g.jpg

maybe g.jpg

image: maybe g 001.jpg

maybe g 001.jpg

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Looks like it but sadly it also looks like moisture has gotten the best of the type and corroded the surfaces badly. If you have the means to clean it up, it is a momentous discovery. There are numerous discussion on this forum about cleaning lead type so I won’t go into it. Great find.


I realized from looking at some of the other entries that there had to be a better way to show it… such as, take a picture (duh).
That led to a disovery; that I could print it out and read the message that is tied together in one set.
So anyone’s thoughts on this, now that it’s more visible?
(Thanks for yours, Mike).

image: types 006.jpg

types 006.jpg

image: types 003.jpg

types 003.jpg

The block of text may be a colophon from something your father printed. All the fonts mentioned are classic Goudy faces. Deepdene is one of the scarcer ones. Hold on to them. they don’t looked corroded in the photo.

Mike again.