Is this a C&P

I bought this press a few months back and everything points to it being a 10x15 C&P but there is no identification or markings verifying this.

What does it look like to you all??

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Probably not a C&P. They did not have the weight inside the flywheel (near the bottom in the photo) . A Challenge-Gordon maybe?


Looks like a old style C&P to me. Weight is probably for balance of flywheel, but it still looks like a C&P to me.


PS Have you checked for a serial # in the upper left hand corner of the bed where the chase goes?


I would say it’s not a C & P. The upper roller saddle is not a double like most C & Ps I’ve seen. Howard H

More pictures might help but I agree with Howard - the first thing that I noticed was the single roller saddle on top, should be a double.

There is no serial number in the bed of the press. The only identification I can find on the press is on a part in the back which has “Pat May 85 1075” on it.

I knew c&p’s ran with 3 rollers and I was wondering why this one only allowed for 2… curious. I am trying to get all the parts and I am thinking it is pretty important to know what it is before I do that.

I can post more pics if that will help but thanks for all the input thus far.

I would agree that is doesn’t look like a C&P as the flywheel looks narrow. C&P’s that are old enough do have a counterweight, but it’s longer and extends completely between two spokes.

Ok so I finally took some pictures. Any more ideas as to what this is? I am having trouble with the chase fitting so I would love to know what the press is so maybe I can order a new chase that actually fits.


image: photo-2.JPG


image: photo-1.JPG


image: photo.JPG


The two are sideways… sorry