Where do you buy your letterpress paper?

I’m fairly new to letterpress and recently inked up my very own Kelsey tabletop for the first time. Now I’m looking for the best place to buy printable stationery.

Do any of you have suggestions for web sites or suppliers that have reasonably priced paper that is affordable enough to practice on yet nice enough to give away if the jobs turn out well?

Do you have any recommendations for weights and types of paper that you find work best with table top presses?


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It depend, where are you based?

Good question, Laren. I’d like to know too.

As for location, I am located on the World Wide Web. So suppliers that are in that same place would work great for me!


I just received a sample pack from www.letterpresspaper.com. They seem to have a whole variety of stocks to choose from, and I think you can order small quantities. There are likely some local options if you’re in a metropolitan area.

We use Holyoke Fine Paper for our business cards and art prints http://www.holyokedirect.com/ it’s a 140# cotton cover stock, very lush. For our cards we use Magnani Revere felt & suede 250 gsm, it’s a cotton paper that folds and prints well for us. We purchase that from Daniel Smith Art Materials. http://www.danielsmith.com/Item—i-540-600-001
The Holyoke paper is only available in 100-sheet cases but you can buy as many or as few sheets of the Revere as you like. Neenah Paper has other paper samples available, and you can go to the Crane’s website and get samples there also.

Experiment and have fun!


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You’re best to start with paper you can get locally. If you have a nearby Staples or Xpedx retail store, you can find stationery paper and matching envelopes. Your first attempts could well be done on standard 20 lb. copier paper sheets until you get the feel of makeready, inking, and press operation.

Almost any paper is ready and willing to be printed by letterpress.

lauren ann, There are 55 paper suppliers listed here
on briarpress. You could also research the disscusion
archive as well. best james

Hello Lauren Ann,

You said “printable stationery” in particular, so I’d like to suggest the Arturo and Fabriano Medioevalis lines from Dick Blick. They both take letterpress very well.