I am new to letterpress and have the oportunity to get a Samson No. 2 but it has no rollers. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to get them or if it is possible? TIA

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You can get them from Fritz at NA Graphics. I have the same press. Do you have existing cores?

no cores..i am trying to decide to if it is worth the cost to get this press. what are your thoughts?

Does it have a throw-off lever? If so, then you’re probably in good shape. Mine doesn’t…it makes it difficult to get any kind of long run going.

What kind of the shape is the rest of the press? Is it a good price? Does it have the treadle attached?

This was my first press. I was much more of a novice then, and grabbed at the first local opportunity to buy a press. Knowing more now, I probably would have passed and waited for a C&P. Most of this is related to the throw-off situation, though.

Have you used a platen press before? Definitely take some classes and be plenty careful.

I echo Jonsel; I’ve got a Samson no 2, and it’s an okay press…but spindly, it doesn’t open wide, closes quickly, and I wouldn’t use it as a main press at all. The fact that there seem to be so few of them around might testify to something or other with regards to their design.

I paid almost nothing for mine ($25) which really does need repairs to get it in daily printing shape, but wouldn’t have spent too much on it. (Of course, if the press you’re looking at is going to be scrapped, it’s nice to save things. so.)

If you bide your time you can get a C&P 8x12 (same chase size as the no 2) or larger for a few hundred dollars. These are more substantial & open much wider. It’s just a matter of geography & timing. Some local printer will teach you how to use one safely, as they can easily take off your finger tips w/ carelessness. (On the other hand, I brought the samson home in my cavalier, which wouldn’t have happened w/ a c&p 8x12.)

But, if the price is right—and it has a throw off & treadle—go for it; just watch your fingers.

If it’s a smaller footprint press you’re looking for, try for a golding or a pearl, maybe—more expensive, but seemingly better made w/ more of a following & more parts floating around. You could always get a tabletop press, too. (but way more $$$!)