Rollers skidding across rails

I replaced the old cracked roller and metal trucks my C&P came with new rubber rollers and plastic delrin trucks. The new rollers rotate well against the ink disc but as soon as it touches the top of the rails, it drags and skids until it reaches the bottom. This occurs when there is a form in the chase and without.
I have cleaned the plastic trucks and saddles to make sure it is free from any grease or oil residue.
The funny thing is that when I place the metal trucks on the new roller it rotates beautifully across the rails…. only problem is that I only have one set of the metal trucks.
I checked the diameter of the new rollers and trucks against the old roller and metal trucks - the same. I have ensured that the rollers fit well in the “key slot” of the trucks… I’m out of ideas and have read almost every thread in regards to similar problems twice. HELP.
Any suggestions, or ideas on how to resolve this would be much appreciated!

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You could try a piece of electricians tape on your new trucks and see if they turn. if that don’t work try a piece of thick rule like 18 or 24 point on each side of the chase, this sometimes help the rollers to turn. Good Luck Dick G.

A rosin bag can help add traction to the rails. Plastic trucks can get slick pretty quickly and sometimes need extra grip, assuming you’re using those derlin trucks.

Is there clearance between the new trucks and the saddles? A little friction there might cause problems. There’s only an inch-width of contact on the tracks, where on the disk there is a lot more, and that could be why they turn on the disk but not on the tracks.

Stick of chalk - I always keep one in my little press box.

Thank you so much for your replies. @ Dick G and Flywheel, both the methods work wonderfully! Thanks again everyone.