Hi! I’m looking at purchasing the press pictured below. Could you please tell me if it’s a #3 or a #11? The seller told me that it has a 7x11 chase. Or if it’s neither, please let me know that too. I’m looking for a lighter press, so I’m hoping it’s the #3. Fingers crossed.

Also, it looks like the rollers definitely need replacement - any other very noticeable repairs? Thanks for your help! This will be my first press if it works out.

image: press1.jpg


image: press2.jpg


image: press3.jpg


image: press4.jpg


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It’s definitely an old style (lighter) Pearl as it has 2 drawers and the heart shaped treadle.

I have No 11 which has a single cabinet door, a throwoff leaver, and a rectangular treadle pedal that says PEARL.

I saw more photos of this press where it’s being sold and it looks like the chase has been welded. This could be an issue as you want it to be square.

I also think the price for it is pretty ridiculous. I bought my No 11 pearl last year and from what I can tell recently they have been going in the $500-$1200 range.

It’s a pretty press, and it is the ‘lighter’ one, but the trade off in weight wouldn’t be worth not having the throw off for me. Also, I don’t know what the asking price is, but I paid $600 for my #11 last year in good working condition with usable rollers and two chases. Where are you located? I know of one at auction on the east coast in a couple of weeks.


I’m located in Wisconsin. Getting out to the East Coast in a few weeks would not be a possibility, unfortunately. If you have the name of the dealer, I would appreciate if you could pass it on to me. Thank you!

From what you saw on the chase, would it pose an issue from the onset or could I replace it as time goes on? We’ve negotiated to a price a little more within my range, so that’s not as much a concern.

image: 2010-07-272010-07-27001030.jpg


This press is for sale on E-bay. Item # 260644579086

Located in Rockford, Illinois.

I have a few chases welded, if the chase lays flat there should be no problem, i have a couple i still use that rock slightly and i don’t have a problem with them. Dick G.

Thanks, everyone for your help! I’ve decided to go for her. I will probably be coming back with more questions as soon as I start sprucing her up!

That’s a Pearl #3 Old Style, 7 x 11—WITH the drawers and feedboard (a lot of those vanish). I paid 250 for one missing both and it still needed a new mainshaft. Pearl’s are nice little presses and will do great if you avoid the heavy impression school. Still it’s nice and complete, good luck in getting it!

Did you get the Pearl? A nice little press they are. I have two: one working, but needs a shaft replaced, and the other in need of some TLC to make her pretty. Both No. 3’s.