Smooth sheet similar to Somerset Satin?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a smooth, 100% cotton sheet that’s similar to Somerset Satin but isn’t as costly? Deckled edges aren’t necessary.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Hi Sylvia,

Here are some suggestions for 100% cotton, smooth and less expensive than Somerset:

Revere Silk - mouldmade in Italy; up to 330gsm in six shades; deckles

Coventry Rag Smooth - machinemade in US; up to 335gsm

Stonehenge - machinemade in US; six shades; up to 320gsm

Pescia - mouldmade in Italy; 300gsm; five shades; deckles

Rising Museum Board - USA; 2, 4 and 8ply; many shades

All available at most art supply stores.

I hope this helps.

Thank you! I’m aware of some of these but not all, will start tracking them down.