what kinda Proof press is this?

Can someone tell me anything about this proof press? It doesnt have any information on it anywhere, but i figured it could be identified by the designs on the legs or something. These pictures where taken in the dark, so thats as good as they get. Any information would be awesome!


image: proof_press.jpg


image: proof_press_2.jpg


image: proof_press_3.jpg


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Quite a few companies made these roller proof presses. Some cast their names into the metal, some didn’t. if this one doesn’t then you may never know the maker. This looks like a nice wide one. Most that I’ve run into were 9 or 10 inches wide.

Thanks Arie.
What do you think something like this is worth?

There’s no easy answer to that one. It’s worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I wouldn’t give you anything for it as I don’t need it. It’s size and relatively ornate cast stand might attract a collector or newbie looking for a simple proof press. The roller looks to be a bit in rough shape, at the very least it’s missing its felt cover. The stand is also missing the door in the front. If I owned it, I’d take the first $50 offer that came my way just to get it out of the garage (I have a smaller, similar press in my garage without a roller that I’d be willing to give away to the first person showing up with a car to put it in). If you’re patient, and can hold onto it for some time, you may get more, maybe even much more, than that. Then again it could sit in your garage a long, long time.