Installing 10x15 C&P treadle

I have read that when installing a treadle from Hern Iron Works (which I recently purchased), one needs to file down the piece that hooks to the crank shaft. What is the best way to go about this. Mine appears to need quite a bit of filing to clear other pieces. Would you use a drimmel?

Thanks for any input.

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Is your C&P an Old Style or New?

I recently installed a HIW treadle on my OS, and I had to make sure the hook was facing the correct way to clear the other parts. I’m sure you’ve checked into this - I just thought It’d be worth a mention.

It is an old style. I did check that. I read that the hook must go from back to front. It still hits the other parts.

I have one of Hearn’s hooks but have never filed it down. You need to take off quite a bit to clear the under carriage of the press. My plan was to use a hack saw to take off the two corners, then round it out with a file. A drimmel would certainly be faster. But I don’t know anything about the heat it might produce nor whether it would be good or bad.

Some hooks come with an arrow marked on the top to install in the correct direction.


The treadle for my 8x12 OS needed filing when I got it. The front part of the hook (pic #2) was catching on the crankshaft and as a result was a 1/4” off of the shaft, causing the foot piece to hit the frame. (pic #1) I used a round file and filed it by hand. it didn’t take much filing to remove the offending piece and it works great! Also, the hook should face forward. Good luck


image: treadle 010a.jpg

treadle 010a.jpg

image: treadle 006a.jpg

treadle 006a.jpg

Hey Paul,

Here is a pic of the two pieces I received. Any further thoughts about the dremel?

Hand filing is an option but as with a lot of other things suggested on here, what a man finds easy is not for me. I would scrub and scrub the machine to remove grease and such and nothing would budge and then my dad could wipe it off effortlessly. Anyway, I would wonder how hard hand filing would be for me (and my dad is about 6 hrs away so that’s not always an option :))


image: Treadle.jpg



The inside of the hook is fine. I would need to remove metal on the outside and it is VERY beefy. There is no hole drilled in the top and it is a cast piece.

If I wanted, where could I get a wrought iron piece made?

Thanks so much for all your help.


Awesome. I will try one if not all of the above until I get the desired result. Thank you so much for all your help.